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University account

An account will be created for you after you have registered online. You will then be provided with your username (e.g. UP123456) and password so you can access University systems and services. Your University account includes the following services:
Google Apps Suite

The Google Apps Suite includes Email, Calendar, Drive and the Docs, Sheets and Slides amongst other applications.

Email is crucial and is the main method of communication for the University and can be accessed through Your email is your username, plus


Eduroam is the University wireless network. You can connect personal devices to the network with your student username (e.g. up123456) and password.


You have access to a wide range of software through Open Access PCs and Laptops across the campus using our AppsAnywhere service which can be found as a Desktop icon.

This service can also be used on your personal Windows and Mac devices by visiting, although some software may be unavailable off campus.

Microsoft Office can also be used on your personal devices, more information is found here.

University Computer & Laptop login

Open Access Areas and Labs provide access to many desktop and laptop computers. For more information please see the availability panels below to find a computer.

Laptops can be borrowed from lockers for up to 12 hours, simply swipe your student card across the card readers and a locker containing a laptop and charger will open.


Printers are available in several locations across the campus and use a card swipe system to release your print.


Moodle is your virtual learning environment, it is used for:

  • Course notes
  • Presentations
  • Reading lists
  • Study resources

You can access Moodle directly or through MyPort.

File Storage

Google Drive provides unlimited cloud storage, which is available anywhere without the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Access Google Drive from your Google Apps Suite portal.

The N & K Drives are University provided network storage and can be accessed off campus via the VPN.


MyPort is your student portal and is a point of access for information, help, services and the following resources:

  • Your timetable
  • Your units
  • Your course marks
  • Your unit marks
  • Your personal details
Remote access to services

Most services are accessible from personal Windows devices, one way of accessing them is connecting to one of our desktop computers remotely. For general advice read the Remote Access to Lab Computers article.

PCs Available In IT Open Access Areas













Rooms Available For Extra IT Open Access

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